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Phoenix safe multi user type code change

Very similar procedure to the standard electronic combination code change however in this version you have to specify which user number you are setting then enter the new code. So Memory button, user number #, new code #, then test it C, code, # lift handle. To delete a user it’s memory button, user number…

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Phoenix Fire Chief safe opening

Phoenix Firechief 1600 fire safe cracking near to Retford. Customer locked out when the lock went wrong, we were able to open the safe without drilling or damage. Brand new lock from stock and it is back in service. No holes to repair, no change to the fire rating. #safecracker on tour. We can save your safe.…

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Phoenix 1220 Centurion safe

Phoenix 1220 Centurion fire safe locked out in Peterborough due to lost combination. A bit of careful manipulation and the lock revealed it’s secret numbers to our professional safe engineer. No drilling or damage and no change to the fire rating. #safecracker on tour. Unlocking locked safe in Peterborough.

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Wall safe opening Swallownest

Phoenix wall safe opened by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths in Swallownest

The customer could not find the key to this Phoenix safe built into a wall at the back of a cupboard, it was an awkward position for a bit of wire picking.  #safecracker on tour South Yorkshire  

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