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Chubb wall safe opening in Syston

Set my personal best time for the legendarily tricky to manipulate Chubb 7L08 combination lock on this job. Completely different touch to S&G or LaGard or Ilco locks as the contacts can be notoriously faint and further from the drop in on the Chubb lock. This one wasn’t too bad but amplifier was essential. I…

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Chubb combination safe opened in Hull

Lost combination on this old Chubb safe in Hull. Not the first time in this safe’s history either! Numbers found by our #safecracker on tour and reset to customers requirements to put the safe back into service.  

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Chubb Euro Commerce safe opening in Nottingham

Safe engineer attended to open this Chubb safe in Nottingham. A problem with the Kaba digital combination lock had locked the safe shut. This is the view through an endoscope looking inside the safe door at the mechanism. The safe was opened and repaired and a new lock installed.  

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