How to dial open Rosengrens CNAB6 Lock

How to dial open Rosengrens CNAB6 combination lock. The dial ring is identified by the distinctive viewing window in the top and does not feature the usual 100 increments all around. This lock is set on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, as an example but each digit can be set on any of 0…

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How to set new keys for Rosengrens

How to set new keys for Rosengrens RKL10 lock. You will need a current working key and a replacement key set before you start this. Do this first thing in the morning in case it goes wrong and you need to call an engineer. We can supply key sets, key stems, solid keys and replacement…

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Rosengren Tann “European” safe opening in Basildon Essex

Rosengren Tann safe opened by Alan Morgan Master locksmiths in Basildon, Essex

Preparing a Rosengren Tann European safe ready to pick open the RKL10 lock after keys lost. This special method does not require any drilling or damage to the safe. We can avoid time consuming drilling and avoid the need to replace expensive parts. Safe back into service with new keys and full security.    

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