Securikey Protector safe

Securikey Protector underfloor safe

Very satisfying to pick the high quality Kromer lock on this Securikey Protector under floor safe. Skill not drill, we can save your safe. Professional safe engineers. Safe cracking in Nottingham. Safe opening service.

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Securikey Combination Safe

Securikey Polifer Euro Grade 1 safe opened in Nottingham. Locked out due to problems with the Secu Revo Selo electronic digital combination lock. Cleaned and repaired and a new, more reliable, lock installed. We can save your safe. Broken safe lock can be opened and repaired leaving full security.

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Securikey Polifer Euro Grade Safe opening

Securikey Polifer Euro Grade safe opened in South Yorkshire by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths

A Securikey Polifer Euro Grade safe opened in South Yorkshire. La Gard 33e digital electronic combination lock defeated without drilling into the safe door or body via highly technical spindle hole defeat method. New lock fitted to make this safe ready to use. #safecracker on tour  

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Securikey euro grade 2 safe opened in Hull

Securikey Polifer Kaba safe opened by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths in Hull

Our safe engineer opened this Kaba Mas Hamilton Auditcon electronic digital combination lock in Hull. A hole was drilled to gain entry in a way that could be securely repaired and then a new lock was installed. #safecracker on tour Humberside  

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