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Dudley safe opening in Humberside

Dudley Harlech safe picked open in Hull. This safe was built into a wall so it was imperative not to do any damage and keep it in use. Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths attended and opened the safe without damage, the lock was rekeyed to differ and the mechanism serviced.  

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Dudley Euro safe opened in Nottingham

A fault on this Dudley Euro safe with M-Locks digital electronic lock caused a lock out which meant that it had to be drilled open. The 6mm hole was filled afterwards and plugged with hardened inserts to make drilling again even worse. New lock installed and the safe back in service. A professional safe opening…

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Dudley Euro Grade Two Safe Opening

A recent job, the key had accidentally been posted down the deposit slot on this Dudley safe. The lock picked open without drilling or damage of any kind so that the retrieved key still worked fine. The customer was extremely relieved. Safe cracking in Nottingham, Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths

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