Gun safe locked out

Double throw gun cabinet safe

Gun safe locked out near to Kegworth due to lost keys. Both double bitted double throw locks picked open without drilling or damage. No grinding, no sparks, no risk to the contents. Professional safe engineers., we can save your safe.

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Gun cabinet opening services

Opening of gun safes, cabinets and ammunition boxes without damage. Lock picking for single and double bitted safe locks, mortice locks and Chubb detainer locks without drilling or grinding or blowing the bloody doors off. No hot work, no sparks, no swarf, no hammering or crowbars. Huge stock of replacement locks and key blanks. We…

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Burg Wachter Gun Cabinet

All singing all dancing fingerprint recognition locks. Very flash, very expensive and sadly sometimes stop working. Gun safe locked out in the Peak District. Opened and repaired despite some strange German design features. Retro fitted with a lock we know has better reliability. Professional safe engineers, safecracking, lock upgrades.

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Brattonsound Gun Cabinet Opening

Beautiful Bratton Sound gun cabinet picked open near to Heanor. Not a scratch, no drilling, no damage just professional safe cracking. Non destructive entry techniques. Lock changed with two new keys for another happy customer.

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Gun safe in Wakefield

This customer was pleased to find someone who can open safes without drilling or damage or grinding or blowing the bl**dy doors off! Explosives cabinet opened. Lost combination decoded and reset on this safe in Wakefield. Locksmiths, safe engineers, dial lock manipulation. #safecracker on tour

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Gun safe rekeyed in Lincolnshire

Gun safe rekeyed by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths in Lincolnshire

These gun cabinet locks were welded in position during manufacture. Luckily the customer had contacted professional safe engineers Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths and of course we were able to pick open the safe without drilling or damage and then generate new keys without removing the lock.  

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Gun cabinet picked open near Retford

Gun cabinet picked by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths near Retford

Another contortionist place for lock picking. Gun safe with lost keys picked open without drilling or damage for a customer near Retford. New locks fitted and another safe back in service. #safecracker on tour  

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Gun cabinet picked open.

Bratton Sound gun safe opened by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths in Sheffield

Lost keys to this gun cabinet in the Peak District close to Sheffield. Picked open and new lock installed. No drilling, no damage, no loss of security or issues with firearms licence. Professional safecrackers. Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths.

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