Burtons Floorboard Safe

The Burton Safes Company, floorboard safe. Just because the keys go missing does not mean the safe has to be cut open nor destroyed. Seven lever safe lock picked open without drilling or. New lock fitted for full security again. No fuss no mess. Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths, the safe specialists. Safe cracking, safe opening…

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Burton Eurovault Aver safe

Burton safe

Burton Eurovault Aver safe locked out due to boltwork failure over in Stoke. Handle would turn but the safe wouldn’t open. Pictured here AFTER the repair, we had to drill several holes to gain entry. All repaired with new parts from stock and the holes made good so you can’t tell we were ever here.…

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Pictured after repairs

Burton Eurovault

Pictured after the repairs when up and running again. Drilled open Burton Eurovault Aver safe after boltwork failure. Repaired mechanism and made good the door. Professional safe engineers in Ilkeston. Local safecracker.

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Burton Eurovault safe opening

Safe opened in the West Midlands. Burtons Eurovault grade three locked out due to faulty electronic combination lock. We worked our special spindle hole magic to defeat the lock without drilling the door. New lock fitted from stock to put this safe back into service.  #safecracker on tour in the Black Country. Locksmiths safe engineers. We can…

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Burton Euro Aver Safe opening

Shown after our opening and repair. This Burton Euro Aver safe was locked out after a boltwork component broke up. Had to be drilled but the holes were filled including hardened inserts to make redrilling even more difficult. Then a bit of paint to make good. We arranged for their maintenance team who will make…

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Burglars could not open safe.

Burton Aver safe picked open and new mechanism fitted by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths

This light commercial Burton Aver safe was attacked by burglars but kept them out and the contents secure. Unfortunately the criminals did damage the mechanism so the customer could not open it either. Of course we were able to get into the safe and then fitted new parts from stock to put it back into…

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