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Tann Fortress safe opening

Showing movement of the handle on this model of safe. If the handle only turns 90° it is likely that a relock has triggered inside the safe and it will need professional safe engineers to open.

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Rosengren Tann European safe opening

Rosengren Tann European safe opened in Kingston upon Thames. All keys lost for the RKL10 lock. Decoded and opened without drilling or damage. New lock and key bits fitted from stock for another happy customer. Professional safe cracker on tour. Locksmiths, safe engineers. Safes opened and repaired. We can save your safe.

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Tann Consort safe in Derby

Tann Consort safe picked open after keys lost. No drilling or damage just skill and experience. Lock changed with two new keys for another happy customer. Professional safe engineers in Derby. Safe cracking in Derby. New safe keys made in Derby.

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Rosengren Tann ‘The European’ Safe

Rosengren Tann “The European” safe with lost keys in Oxfordshire. Opened without drilling or damage. Expert safecracking www.amlocks.comThe RKL10 lock used on these safes was once thought to be unpickable, but we have the technology! With 90 million different keys no pattern was made more than once. If you worked non stop testing one key every…

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Rosengren Tann “European” safe opening in Basildon Essex

Rosengren Tann safe opened by Alan Morgan Master locksmiths in Basildon, Essex

Preparing a Rosengren Tann European safe ready to pick open the RKL10 lock after keys lost. This special method does not require any drilling or damage to the safe. We can avoid time consuming drilling and avoid the need to replace expensive parts. Safe back into service with new keys and full security.    

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