This page will help if you want work doing to a safe, or need to know what cash rating it is graded to. Click the link which best matches your safe.

Important questions. Does your safe have a turn handle? Or just the lock? The style and position of the handle really helps us to identify your safe.
Can you see the hinges? Or are they concealed? The shape and any numbers/letters on the hinges really helps us to ID your safe.
Is it a key lock? A mechanical combination lock? An electronic combination lock? Is the key/code lost or just stopped working?
Is there any name, numbers or logo on the door, on the hinges, on the backpan or the bolt ends?
What colour is the safe? Is the door a different colour to the body?

Freestanding safes as shown.

Wall safes as shown.

Safes set into the floor. Can be underfloor or floorboard / cupboard safes.

Freestanding -

Wall safes. Normally constructed using a single layer of steel which gets additional protection from the wall once fitted. Usually the lock itself moves the locking bolts.