Safe Identification Pictures

This page will help if you want work doing to a safe, or need to know what cash rating it is graded to. Click the link which best matches your safe.

Important questions if you cannot send pictures of your actual safe. Does your safe have a turn handle? Or just the lock? The style and position of the handle really helps us to identify your safe.
Can you see the hinges? Or are they concealed? The shape and any numbers/letters on the hinges really helps us to ID your safe.
Is it a key lock? A mechanical combination lock? An electronic combination lock? Is the key lost? code unknown? or just stopped working?
Is there any name, numbers or logo on the door, on the hinges, on the backpan or the bolt ends?
What colour is the safe? Is the door a different colour to the body?

Freestanding safes

Chubb Freestanding Safe opened by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths near Northampton

Chubb Freestanding Safe

As above, safes which stand on the floor. Can be to give security protection like the Chubb or fire protection like the Phoenix below. Data safes have more insulation but thinner steel. Any freestanding safe weighing less than 1 tonne should be bolted down.

If you tell us it is a freestanding safe, can you see the hinges as above picture? Hinges and handles help us to ID your safe.

A Data Safe or Fire Safe

Phoenix Data Safe for Fire Protection

Under Floor Safes

Securikey Safeguard safe opened by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths in Eckington

Securikey Safeguard round door under floor safe

Mottura under floor safe opened by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths

Mottura under floor safe with rectangular door

As shown above, Under Floor Safes or UFS are designed to be set into a concrete floor which helps to protect the safe. Unobtrusive and secure but inconvenient to use.

Round door or square or rectangular? Is there a turn knob or turn handle? Or just the lifting handle?

Wall Safes

Churchill Magpie wall safe opened by Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths

Churchill Magpie wall safe

Designed to be bricked into a wall which then helps to protect the safe from attack and removal. Similar design to floor board safes which fit between joists of a wooden floor. Single layer of steel but extra strength from the brickwork around it.

Most just have the keyhole and no handle, position of the keyway and handle can help us ID your safe.

Types of safe lock and safe keys

Single Bitted Safe Keys and Keyhole 

Single Bitted Pin Key

single bitted, pin key and safe lock. Willenhall S2

Single bitted keyway, Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths

Single bitted keyhole

Single bitted Pipe Key

Lips 7 lever safe lock. Single bitted pipe key

Double Bitted Safe Keys and Key Holes

Stuv, double bitted pipe key

Small Double Bitted Pipe key for safe. Stuv brand

Double bitted pipe key and matching keyhole, Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths

Keyhole shape for double bitted key in horizontal alignment, Alan Morgan Masterl Lcksmiths

Double bitted keyholes in safes.

Solid double bitted key

Other types of safe key

Fichet Safe Key

Fichet safe key

Mauer Varos Safe Key

Mauer Varos lock

Mauer Varos safe keys. If these start catching or being difficult to open get them changed as soon as possible.

La Gard 2200 Safe Key

La Gard 2200 Keys

Distinctive black plastic key bow for La Gard 2200 2270

La Gard 2200 series key tip. Be careful not to damage these as they are soft brass. Please keep the end clean as fluff builds up inside the lock.

Detachable safe key types

These are detachable keys where the end separates so you have less to carry

Mauer style, similar to Kromer system

Above is a Rosengren key stem. Distinctive shape bow with knurled wheel that unscrews the key bit. This fits RKL10 locks which we can pick open. The Rosengren ABN have the same bow but an angled wedge joint at the tip.

Slip bit style. Chubb, SLS, SMP, Tann, Ratner and some Milner locks use a small flat bit which fits through a slot in the key stem.

Pictures to follow


Opening Dudley Euro Grade safe with lost combination numbers. No drilling or damage to the safe. New lock fitted and another customer impressed.

Opening Dudley Euro Grade safe with lost combination numbers. No drilling or damage to the safe. New lock fitted and another customer impressed.

cash machine

This cash machine had been unsuccessfully attacked by burglars. The damage wrought meant that our skills were needed to get it open again. ATM crime.

electric locking

Converted from key locking to electronic lock with a time lock, time delay and multi-user audit features.

Brattonsound gun cabinet

Brattonsound Gun Cabinet with Cawi lock picked open.

churchill under floor 2

Churchill Underfloor Safe picked open. No drilling or damage. New lock fitted for another happy customer.

churchill under floor safe

Another firm of locksmiths drilled a hole THIS big into this Churchill Underfloor safe. They still couldn't open it. We had to come and sort it out. However at no point did this safe need drilling. DO NOT let anyone drill your safe for lost keys or combination numbers. Ask if they are going to drill when they quote.