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Chatwood Milner Manifoil

Chatwood Milner combination lock jammed in Chesterfield. An old Manifoil lock needed some careful thinking to get into this safe. A loose lever arm screw, plus end pressure on the bolts combined with historical work inside the lock caused problems. Opened without drilling or damage and repaired for another happy customer.

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Chatwood Milner Duplex safe near Barnsley

Chatwood Milner safe opened by Alan Morgan Master locksmiths in Barnsley

You pull the middle bolt in, The top bolt out, In, Out In, Out, Your Duplex locked you out, You call in the locksmith and he drills a hole, That’s what it’s all about. Chatwood Milner safe opened near Barnsley. The picture shows how when the handle was turned to open the safe, one of…

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