Safe Services

Safe Opening (also known as safe cracking or safe breaking)

We can open:

  • Safes
  • Cash Machines
  • Strongrooms
  • Vaults

For 30 years Alan has specialised in safe opening. Our skills, knowledge, experience, database and equipment are waiting to help with your security requirements. Contact us now for assistance.

The highest quality safe or the cheapest digital safe, they can all sometimes go wrong.
Keys can be lost or burglars cause damage in their attempted attack.
Please see our safe identification page for more info. Brilliant if you email some pictures with your enquiry please.
Basic cheap digital or fire safes are usually charged at standard locksmith door opening rates. Electronic safe lock upgrades can offer audit and time lock or time delay features for commercial safes.

Lost or broken safe keys

We specialise in non destructive entry and carry out technical lock picking to extreme skill levels. We make our own bespoke tools to open safe and vault locks. See safe prices page for more info.

Forgotten or failed combination or code for mechanical or electronic combination safe locks

We can manipulate safe combination locks by taking diligent readings to determine lost numbers. We often open several Cencon, Auditcon and LaGard locks in a week without needing to drill or damage the safe. See safe prices page for more info.

Safe Supply, Installation and Opening

We can supply all kinds of safes and install them as well as opening them for you when you have a problem. We can advise you about the type of safe you need as there are many things to take into consideration, for example:

  • the value of goods you will be storing
  • the type of goods you will be storing – jewellery? documents? data?
  • the size of safe required
  • whether the safe needs to be underfloor, inside a wall, or bolted to a floor or wall

Call us before purchasing as we can help you make the right choice rather than wasting money on a safe that isn’t suitable for your needs.

Areas Covered

We frequently carry out safe work in Leicester, Grantham, Newark, Lincoln, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Stoke, Uttoxeter, Coventry, Kettering, Corby and Northampton but also work further afield when required. In addition, we know and recommend many quality safe engineers throughout the UK. Feel free to email us for advice or a quote.


Find out about our safe opening prices here.