How to set new keys for Rosengrens RKL10 lock. You will need a current working key and a replacement key set before you start this. Do this first thing in the morning in case it goes wrong and you need to call an engineer. We can supply key sets, key stems, solid keys and replacement locks. Of course we also make site visits to set new keys and service safe mechanism etc.

Turn current key to unlocked position and open the safe. Gain access to the back of the lock, there may be a hole in the backpan for this or you might have to remove the backpan. Often there are key locks and screws securing the plate at the back of the door hiding the mechanism. The backpan.

With current key fully turned, the round black plastic piece on the back of the lock can be rotated 180` from the circle sign to the square. The tip of an RKL10 key fits into the black plastic turn. Then slowly turn the key anticlockwise as if to lock the safe, you should hear and feel gentle clicking as the gears inside pass one another. You can now remove the old key and put in a new key. Turn the new key slowly but firmly clockwise to the stop. Reset the black plastic turn back to the circle mark, then throw the safe boltwork with the door ajar. In other words lock the safe with the door open to check that it opens again. Test the key several times with the door open. If the new key has not set correctly then the whole lock will need to be reset by a professional, we usually just fit a refurbished lock and take your lock away to reset in the workshop.

If the key programming goes wrong and the gears mesh incorrectly, then neither old nor new keys will work. At this point the lock needs to be taken apart and reset. Many professional locksmiths choose to send the locks to us for this rather than risk a lockout once back on the safe. We will be happy to sell you a replacement lock if you accidentally loose any pieces.

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