How to dial open Rosengrens CNAB6 combination lock. The dial ring is identified by the distinctive viewing window in the top and does not feature the usual 100 increments all around.

This lock is set on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, as an example but each digit can be set on any of 0 to 9 plus V or X so a total of 2,985,984 possible permutations. Turning the dial all the way right to stop then left to stop will clear all the wheels back. If you go past the correct number while trying to open, then doing this will clear it ready to start entering the first digit again.

Once you have dialled to the first digit then firmly turn ACW (left) until stop so that the mechanism progresses to the next wheel properly. Slamming it back risks damage, but being very gentle sometimes does not trigger the tower inside to select the next gear fully. Hopefully this video illustrates what is needed. Please practice with the door ajar before closing the safe, especially if you have set new numbers.

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