Opening a Secure Safe Company (Coventry) safe

Opening a Secure Safe Company (Coventry) safe, with the key.  Turn the key, should rotate at least 120° but this one will turn all the way so it can be taken out. Once unlocked the door can be spun round to the stop and lifted out.

There should be a small amount of movement when the safe is locked, a bit of rattle. You can see this when I check to show it’s locked before and after. If your under floor safe is stuck solid then it may not open easily even with the key.

We picked this safe open and changed the lock, so you see it being opened with the new keys. Once the correct key has been turned then the whole lid rotates. There are heavy lugs which help to hold the safe secure in the body, these have to line up correctly to insert or remove the door. The lock stops the lid from turning on this model so when it’s locked it hardly moves. A round door ufs where the door won’t turn will need to be rotated once unlocked. A round door safe as below list where the door revolves freely while locked will often have a small turn knob to drive the mechanism as well as the lifting handle.

On a Dreadnought SuperDread or ABP, a Fort Knox Chancellor or Sterling, a Churchill Bankers, Extra, Ruby and Emerald or the Euro grade Hydan safes all spin round and round when locked, this is to make it harder to drill or attack.


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