Micromark digital safe opening in Nottingham

If your safe looks like this, and you cannot remember the last time you fitted new batteries, then change them as soon as possible. Always use decent quality alkaline because the solenoid draws a fair current. With occasional use I have heard of batteries lasting for many years but if they run flat you will need the key or be locked out. Make sure the emergency override key is not kept inside the safe. If you cannot find the key then put new batteries in annually to play it ‘safe’
If you ignore all this advice then call Alan Morgan Master Locksmiths and we will pick the lock open. We charge these domestic grade electronic digital combination safe jobs as minimum labour charge rather than safe opening rates. Your safe can be opened without damage and new batteries fitted to put it back into service. We can rescue you and get your passports, travel money, wedding rings, spare car keys out of the stuck safe.
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