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Rosengren RKL10 locks, as used on Eurocitizen and Tann European safes and some fire/data safes.

We are one of only a handful of companies in the world which can open RKL10 locks without drilling. On most occasions the lock can be reset and reused afterwards saving money. Direct or subcontracted openings carried out worldwide.

FAS Lock Picking

Had to open a few of these fiendish locks over the last few months. Glad we can pick them because drilling would be a real nightmare job. Just need this trend to continue and maybe a few Fichet locks to open would be a welcome challenge.

Latest Training Updates


Lots of fun in Dublin at the European Locksmiths Federation 2015.

Teaching advanced safe lock picking alongside Craig Bernasconi.

Now confirmed both the safe lock picking class and
cylinder lock impressioning will be taught Sept 2011
More training classes to be given at MLA Expo In Sept
Private training sessions have been planned for Summer 2011
Cylinder opening success for trainees at Nottingham Expo.
There will be a cylinder impressioning class at the Locksmith’s show in Nottingham March 2011.
End of April 2010 is a regional Master Locksmiths Association meeting in Bristol. On the Friday we will be giving presentations on safes with some ‘hands on’ common locks. Members and students only.
*Update* Everyone seemed to enjoy the impressioning course even though it was over subscribed and then squashed into a small room. The exhibition itself was absolutely huge and extremely well attended. The social scene was as freindly and fun as ever with some of us up talking until 5.30am again.
Looking forward to the cylinder lock impressioning class at the ICL show 13th March in Nottingham Exhibition Centre. *Now fully booked* Still worth coming to the biggest lock show for years. Andy Collier is doing a combination lock course and Allan Scothern a marketing class.
Following great success at the MLA Expo we have been asked to do training at the ICL Expo in March 2010.
More Impressioning classes are planned for Autumn.
Some private BS five lever lock picking classes are arranged over summer 2009 but we are mainly preparing to give safe lock classes at the September MLA Expo in Telford.
Events and Comment

Superglue, just say No!

It is very tempting to imagine that a little superglue on the broken end of your key will just stick to the part inside the lock and you will be able to remove it or unlock your door, car or safe.
Inevitably some glue will get into the mechanism and parts which should move easily will stop working. Please do not try this, but equally important is to tell whoever is working on your lock that glue may be in there.
I recently had to completely destroy a safe lock where the customer tried to stick a key back together. What could have been a simple ‘extract broken parts and pick open’ turned into a multi hole epic because the mechanism was glued.
Combination Lock Manipulation

2011 starts as a year where we are asked to manipulate lots of combination locks again. Only asked to open a dozen in 2010 but did lots in 2009, hopefully this year we will visit many more. Fingers crossed.